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Course Code 18CV824 
CIE Marks 40
Teaching Hours/Week(L:T:P) (3:0:0) 
SEE Marks 60
Credits 03 
Exam Hours 03

Course Learning Objectives: This course will enable students to;

1. Investigate the cause of deterioration of concrete structures.
2. Strategies different repair and rehabilitation of structures.
3. Evaluate the performance of the materials for repair.

Module -1

General: Introduction and Definition for Repair, Retrofitting, Strengthening and rehabilitation. Physical and Chemical Causes of deterioration of concrete structures, Evaluation of structural damages to the concrete structural elements due to earthquake.

Module -2

Damage Assessment: Purpose of assessment, Rapid assessment, Investigation of damage, Evaluation of surface and structural cracks, Damage assessment procedure, destructive, non-destructive and semi destructive testing systems.

Module -3

Influence on Serviceability and Durability: Effects due to climate, temperature, chemicals, wear and erosion, Design and construction errors, corrosion mechanism, Effects of cover thickness and cracking, methods of corrosion protection, corrosion inhibitors, corrosion resistant steels, coatings, and cathodic protection.

Module -4

Maintenance and Retrofitting Techniques: Definitions: Maintenance, Facts of Maintenance and importance of Maintenance Need for retrofitting, retrofitting of structural members i.e., column and beams by Jacketing technique, Externally bonding(ERB) technique, near surface mounted (NSM) technique, External posttensioning, Section enlargement and guidelines for seismic rehabilitation of existing building.

Module -5

Materials for Repair and Retrofitting: Artificial fiber reinforced polymer like CFRP, GFRP, AFRP and
natural fiber like Sisal and Jute. Adhesive like, Epoxy Resin, Special concretes and mortars, concrete chemicals, special elements for accelerated strength gain, Techniques for Repair: Rust eliminators and polymers coating for rebar during repair foamed concrete, mortar and dry pack, vacuum concrete, Gunite and Shot Crete Epoxy injection, Mortar repair for cracks, shoring and underpinning.

Course outcomes: After studying this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify the causes for structural (Concrete) deterioration.
2. Assess the type and extent of damage and carry out damage assessment of structures through various types of tests.
3. Recommend maintenance requirements of the buildings and preventive measures against influencing
4. Select suitable material and suggest an appropriate method for repair and rehabilitation.

Question paper pattern:

  • The question paper will have ten full questions carrying equal marks.
  • Each full question will be for 20 marks.
  • There will be two full questions (with a maximum of four sub- questions) from each module.
  • Each full question will have sub- question covering all the topics under a module.
  • The students will have to answer five full questions, selecting one full question from each module.


1. Sidney, M. Johnson, “Deterioration, Maintenance and Repair of Structures”
2. Denison Campbell, Allen & Harold Roper, “Concrete Structures – Materials, Maintenance and Repair”-Longman Scientific and Technical.

Reference Books:

1. R.T.Allen and S.C. Edwards, “Repair of Concrete Structures”-Blakie and Sons
2. Raiker R.N., “Learning for failure from Deficiencies in Design, Construction and Service”- R&D Center
3. CPWD Manual