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Principles of Programming using C (BPOPS103/203)

Principles of Programming using C

Course Code: BPOPS103/203 
CIE Marks:50 
Course Type (Theory/Practical/Integrated )
Integrated SEE Marks:50
Total Marks:100
Teaching Hours/Week(L:T:P: S)2:0:2 
Exam Hours:03
Total Hours of Pedagogy 40 hours


Introduction to C: Introduction to computers, input and output devices, designing efficient programs. Introduction to C, Structure of C program, Files used in a C program, Compilers, Compiling and executing C programs, variables, constants, Input/output statements in C,

Textbook: Chapter 1.1-1.9, 2.1-2.2, 8.1 - 8.6 ,9.1-9.14

Web Content:https://tinyurl.com/4xmrexre

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Operators in C, Type conversion and typecasting.:Decision control and Looping statements: Introduction to decision control, Conditional branching statements, iterative statements, nested loops, break and continue statements, goto statement.

Textbook: Chapter 9.15-9.16, 10.1-10.6

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Functions: Introduction using functions, Function definition, function declaration, function call, return statement, passing parameters to functions, scope of variables, storage classes, recursive functions.

Arrays: Declaration of arrays, accessing the elements of an array, storing values in arrays, Operations on arrays, Passing arrays to functions, two dimensional arrays, operations on two-dimensional arrays, twodimensional arrays to functions, multidimensional arrays, applications of arrays.

Textbook: Chapter 11.1-11.10, 12.1-12.10,12.12

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Strings and Pointers: Introduction, string taxonomy, operations on strings, Miscellaneous string and character functions, arrays of strings. Pointers: Introduction to pointers, declaring pointer variables, Types of pointers, Passing arguments to functions using pointers

Textbook: Chapter 13.1-13.6, 14-14.7

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Structure, Union, and Enumerated Data Type: Introduction, structures and functions, Unions, unions inside structures, Enumerated data type.

Files: Introduction to files, using files in C, reading and writing data files. , Detecting end of file

Textbook: Chapter 15.1 – 15.10, 16.1-16.5

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Suggested Learning Resources:


1. Computer fundamentals and programming in c, “Reema Thareja”, Oxford University, Second edition,2017.

Reference Books:

1. E. Balaguruswamy, Programming in ANSI C, 7th Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill.

2. Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, The ‘C’ Programming Language, Prentice Hall of India.Web links and Video Lectures (e-Resources):

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