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Analog and Digital Systems Design Laboratory (BECL305)

Analog and Digital Systems Design Laboratory

Course Code BECL305 
CIE Marks 50
SEE Marks 50
Credits 01 
Exam Hours 100
Examination type (SEE) Practical

Teaching Hours/Week (L:T:P: S) 0:0:2 


1 Design and set up the BJT common emitter voltage amplifier with and without feedback and determine the gain- bandwidth product, input and output impedances. 

2 Design and set-up BJT/FET i) Colpitts Oscillator, ii) Crystal Oscillator 

3 Design and set up the circuits using opamp: i) Adder, ii) Integrator, iii) Differentiator and iv) Comparator 

4 Design 4-bit R – 2R Op-Amp Digital to Analog Converter (i) for a 4-bit binary input using toggle switches (ii) by generating digital inputs using mod-16 

5 Design and implement (a) Half Adder & Full Adder using basic gates and NAND gates, (b) Half subtractor & Full subtractor using NAND gates, (c) 4-variable function using IC74151(8:1MUX). 

6 Realize (i) Binary to Gray code conversion & vice-versa (IC74139), (ii) BCD to Excess-3 code conversion and vice versa 

7 a) Realize using NAND Gates: i) Master-Slave JK Flip-Flop, ii) D Flip-Flop and iii) T Flip-Flop b) Realize the shift registers using IC7474/7495: (i) SISO (ii) SIPO (iii) PISO (iv) PIPO (v) Ring counter and (vi) Johnson counter. 

8 Realize a) Design Mod – N Synchronous Up Counter & Down Counter using 7476 JK Flip-flop b) Mod-N Counter using IC7490 / 7476 c) Synchronous counter using IC74192 

Demonstration Experiments ( For CIE ) 

9 Design and Test the second order Active Filters and plot the frequency response, i) Low pass and Highpass Filter ii) Bandpass and Bandstop Filter 

10 Design and test the following using 555 timer i) Monostable Multivibraator ii) Astable Multivibrator 

11 Design and Test a Regulated Power supply 

12 Design and test an audio amplifier by connecting a microphone input and observe the output using a loud speaker. 

Suggested Learning Resources:

1. David A Bell, “Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab Manual”, 5th Edition, 2009, OxfordUniversity Press.
2. Albert Malvino, David J Bates, Electronic Principles, 7th Edition, Mc Graw Hill Education, 2017.
3. Fundamentals of Logic Design, Charles H Roth Jr., Larry L Kinney, Cengage Learning, 7th Edition. 

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