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Course Code BCV305
CIE Marks 50
Teaching Hours/Week (L:T:P: S) 0:0:2:0 
SEE Marks 50
Credits 01 
Exam Hours 100
Examination type (SEE) practical


1 Drawing Basics: Selection of scales for various drawings, thickness of lines, dimensioning, abbreviations and conventional representations as per IS:962. 

2 Drawing Tools: Lines Circle, Arc, Poly line, Multiline, Polygon, Rectangle, Spline, Ellipse, Modify tools: Erase, Copy, Mirror, Offset, Array, Move, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Lengthen, Trim, Extend, Break, Chamfer and Fillet, 

3 Using Text: Single line text, Multiline text, Spelling, Edit text 

4 Special Features: View tools, Layers concept, Dimension tools, Hatching, Customizing Toolbars, Working with multiple drawings. 

5 Drawings of Different Building Elements: Refer NBC before practice a> Footing/ Foundation – Foundation dimension for Isolated, combined footing, Standard dimension and cross section of footing b> Size stone Masonry – Size of single and double bond stone, Sections at wall foundation c> Brick Masonry – Size of standard Burnt Brick, Solid Cement Block, Hollow Cement block, Other bricks used in current practice 

6 Principles of planning, Planning regulations and building bye-laws, factors affecting site selection, Functional planning of residential and public buildings, design aspects for different public buildings. Recommendations of NBC. 

7 Draw a building plan for single and double bed room accommodation for a given site dimension. Students have to go through Building Bye Laws and regulations 

8 Prepare the centre line drawing for marking the single and double bedroom house as in in exercise 6 

9 Prepare a complete sanction plan for the exercise 6 as per the bye law. Also study the requirements to plan Residential Building, School building, Hospital Building, Offices 

10 Drawing of plan with electrical, plumbing and sanitary services using CAD software 

11 Drawing standard sections for Lintel and chajja, RCC Slabs, Columns and beams. 

12 Drawing different types of staircases – Dog legged, Open well – plan and section

Suggested Learning Resources: 

 MG Shah, CM Kale, SY Patki, “Building drawing with an integrated approach to Built Environment Drawing”, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing co. Ltd, New Delhi. 
 Gurucharan Singh, “Building Construction”, Standard Publishers, & distributors, New Delhi. 
 Malik RS and a Meo GS, “Civil Engineering Drawing”, Asian Publishers/Computech Publication Pvt Ltd

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