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Network Analysis (BEC304)

Network Analysis

Course Code BEC304 
CIE Marks 50
Teaching Hours/Week (L:T:P: S) 3:0:0 
SEE Marks 50
Total Hours of Pedagogy 40 
Total Marks 100
Credits 03 
Exam Hours 3
Examination type (SEE) Theory 


Basic Concepts: Practical sources, Source transformations, Network reduction using Star - Delta transformation, Loop and node analysis with linearly dependent and independent sources for DC and AC networks. 


Network Theorems: Superposition, Millman's theorems, Thevenin's and Norton's theorems, Maximum Power transfer theorem. 


Transient behavior and initial conditions: Behavior of circuit elements under switching condition and their Representation, evaluation of initial and final conditions in RL, RC and RLC circuits for AC and DC excitations. 


Laplace Transformation &Applications: Solution of networks, step, ramp and impulse responses, waveform Synthesis. 


Two port network parameters: Definition of Z,Y, h and Transmission parameters, modelling with these parameters, relationship between parameters sets. Resonance: Series Resonance: Variation of Current and Voltage with Frequency, SelectivityandBandwidth,Q-Factor,CircuitMagnificationFactor,Selectivity with Variable Capacitance, Selectivity with Variable Inductance. Parallel Resonance: Selectivity and Bandwidth, Maximum Impedance Conditions with C, Land f Variable, current in Anti-Resonant Circuit, The General Case-Resistance Present in both Branches.

Suggested Learning Resources: Books 

1. M.E.Van Valkenburg (2000), Network Analysis, Prentice Hall of India, 3 rd edition, 2000, ISBN:9780136110958. 
2. Roy Choudhury-Networks and Systems, 2 nd edition, New Age International Publications, 2006, ISBN: 9788122427677 


3. Hayt, Kemmerly and Durbin-Engineering Circuit Analysis, TMH7 th Edition, 2010. 
4. J.David Irwin/ R.Mark Nelms- Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis JohnWiley,8 thed,2006. 
5. Charles K Alexander and Mathew NO Sadiku-Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Tata McGraw-Hill,3rc1 Ed,2009

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