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Course Code:18CSL57
CIE Marks:40
SEE Marks:60
Number of Contact Hours/Week 0:2:2 
Total Number of Lab Contact Hours:36 
Exam Hours:03

Course Learning Objectives: This course (18CSL57) will enable students to:

• Demonstrate operation of network and its management commands
• Simulate and demonstrate the performance of GSM and CDMA
• Implement data link layer and transport layer protocols.
Descriptions (if any):
• For the experiments below modify the topology and parameters set for the experiment and take multiple rounds of reading and analyze the results available in log files. Plot necessary graphs and conclude. Use NS2/NS3.
• Installation procedure of the required software must be demonstrated, carried out in groups and documented in the journal.

Programs List:

1. Implement three nodes point – to – point network with duplex links between them. Set the
queue size, vary the bandwidth and find the number of packets dropped.
2. Implement transmission of ping messages/trace route over a network topology consisting of 6
nodes and find the number of packets dropped due to congestion.
3. Implement an Ethernet LAN using n nodes and set multiple traffic nodes and plot congestion
window for different source / destination.
4. Implement simple ESS and with transmitting nodes in wire-less LAN by simulation and
determine the performance with respect to transmission of packets.
5. Implement and study the performance of GSM on NS2/NS3 (Using MAC layer) or
equivalent environment.
6. Implement and study the performance of CDMA on NS2/NS3 (Using stack called Call net)
or equivalent environment

PART B (Implement the following in Java)

7. Write a program for error detecting code using CRC-CCITT (16- bits).
8. Write a program to find the shortest path between vertices using bellman-ford algorithm.
9. Using TCP/IP sockets, write a client – server program to make the client send the file name
and to make the server send back the contents of the requested file if present.
10. Write a program on datagram socket for client/server to display the messages on client side,
typed at the server side.
11. Write a program for simple RSA algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the data.
12. Write a program for congestion control using leaky bucket algorithm.

Laboratory Outcomes: The student should be able to:

• Analyze and Compare various networking protocols.
• Demonstrate the working of different concepts of networking.
• Implement, analyze and evaluate networking protocols in NS2 / NS3 and JAVA programming

Conduct of Practical Examination:

• Experiment distribution
o For laboratories having only one part: Students are allowed to pick one experiment from
the lot with equal opportunity.
o For laboratories having PART A and PART B: Students are allowed to pick one
experiment from PART A and one experiment from PART B, with equal opportunity.
• Change of experiment is allowed only once and marks allotted for procedure to be made zero of
the changed part only.
• Marks Distribution (Courseed to change in accoradance with university regulations)
i) For laboratories having only one part – Procedure + Execution + Viva-Voce: 15+70+15 =
100 Marks
j) For laboratories having PART A and PART B
i. Part A – Procedure + Execution + Viva = 6 + 28 + 6 = 40 Marks
ii. Part B – Procedure + Execution + Viva = 9 + 42 + 9 = 60 Marks