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AEC (Analog Electronic Circuits) Lab (21EC382)

AEC (Analog Electronic Circuits) Lab

Course Code 21EC382 
CIE Marks 50
Teaching Hours/Week (L: T:P: S) 0:0:2:0 
SEE Marks 50
Credits 1 
Exam Hours 2

Experiments using Pspice/MultiSIM software

1 Experiments to realize diode clipping (single, double ended) circuits.

2 Experiments to realize diode clamping (positive, negative) circuits.

3 Experiments to realize Full wave rectifier without filter (and set-up to measure the ripple factor, Vp-p, Vrms, etc.).

4 Design and conduct an experiment on Series Voltage Regulator using Zener diode to determine line/load regulation characteristics.

5 Realize BJT Darlington Emitter follower without bootstrapping and determine the gain, input and output impedances (other configurations of emitter follower can also be considered).

6 Set-up and study the working of complementary symmetry class B push pull power amplifier (other power amplifiers can also be suitably considered) and calculate the efficiency.

7 Design and set-up the oscillator circuits (Hartley, Colpitts, etc. using BJT/FET) and determine the frequency of oscillation.

8 Design and set-up the crystal oscillator and determine the frequency of oscillation.

9 Experiment to realize Input and Output characteristics of BJT Common emitter configuration and evaluation of parameters.

10 Experiments to realize Transfer and drain characteristics of a MOSFET.

11 Experiments to realize UJT triggering circuit for Controlled Full wave Rectifier.

12 Design and simulation of Regulated power supply.

Suggested Learning Resources:

1. David A Bell, “Fundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab Manual, 5th Edition, 2009, Oxford University Press.

2. Muhammed H Rashid, “Introduction to PSpice using OrCAD for circuits and electronics”, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2003.

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