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Electronic Principles and Circuits (BEC303)

Electronic Principles and Circuits

Course Code BEC303 
CIE Marks 50
Teaching Hours/Week (L:T:P: S) 3:0:2 
SEE Marks 50
Total Hours of Pedagogy 40 hours Theory + 8-10 Lab slots 
Total Marks 100
Credits 04 
Exam Hours
Examination nature (SEE) Theory/Practical


Transistor Biasing: Voltage Divider Bias, VDB Analysis, VDB Load line and Q point, Two supply Emitter Bias, Other types of Bias. BJT AC models: Base Biased Amplifier, Emitter Biased Amplifier, Small Signal Operation, AC Beta, AC Resistance of the emitter diode, Two transistor models, Analyzing an amplifier, H parameters, Relations between R and H parameters. Voltage Amplifiers: Voltage gain, Loading effect of Input Impedance. CC Amplifiers: CC Amplifier, Output Impedance. [Text1] 


MOSFET Biasing in MOS amplifier circuits: Fixing VGS, Fixing VG, Drain to Gate feedback resistor. Small signal operation and modelling: The DC bias point, signal current in drain, voltage gain, small signal equivalent circuit models, transconductance, The T equivalent circuit model. MOSFET Amplifier configuration: Basic configurations, characterizing amplifiers, CS amplifier with and without source resistance, The Common Gate Amplifier, Source follower. [Text 2] @#12102023 @#12102023 TEMPLATE for IPCC (26.04.2022)


Linear Opamp Circuits: Summing Amplifier and D/A Converter, Nonlinear Op-amp Circuits: Comparator with zero reference, Comparator with non-zero references. Comparator with Hysteresis. Oscillator: Theory of Sinusoidal Oscillation, The Wein-Bridge Oscillator, RC Phase Shift Oscillator, The Colpitts Oscillator, Hartley Oscillator, Crystal Oscillator. The 555 timer: Monostable Operation, Astable Operation. [Text1] 


Negative Feedback: Four Types of Negative Feedback, VCVS Voltage gain, Other VCVS Equations, ICVS Amplifier, VCIS Amplifier, ICIS Amplifier (No Mathematical Derivation). Active Filters: Ideal Responses, First Order Stages, VCVS Unity Gain Second Order Low pass Filters, VCVS Equal Component Low Pass Filters, VCVS High Pass Filters, MFB Bandpass Filters, Bandstop Filters. [Text1] 


Power Amplifiers: Amplifier terms, Two load lines, Class A Operation, Class B operation, Class B push pull emitter follower, Class C Operation. Thyristors: The four layer Diode, SCR, SCR Phase control, Bidirectional Thyristors, IGBTs, Other Thyristors. [Text1] 


1 Design and Test (i) Bridge Rectifier with Capacitor Input Filter (ii) Zener voltage regulator 

2 Design and Test Biased Clippers – a)Positive, b) Negative , c) Positive-Negative Positive and Negative Clampers with and without Reference. 

3 Plot the transfer and drain characteristics of a JFET and calculate its drain resistance, mutual conductance and amplification factor. 

4 Plot the transfer and drain characteristics of n-channel MOSFET and calculate its parameters, namely; drain resistance, mutual conductance and amplification factor.

5 Design and test Emitter Follower 

6 Design and plot the frequency response of Common Source JFET/MOSFET amplifier 

7 Test the Opamp Comparator with zero and non zero reference and obtain the Hysteresis curve. 

8 Design and test Full wave Controlled rectifier using RC triggering circuit. 

9 Design and test Precision Half wave and full wave rectifiers using Opamp 10 Design and test RC phase shift oscillator 

Suggested Learning Resources: Books 

1. Albert Malvino, David J Bates, Electronic Principles, 7th Edition, Mc Graw Hill Education, 2017, ISBN:978-0- 07-063424-4. 
2. Microelectronic Circuits, Theory and Applications, Adel S Sedra, Kenneth C Smith, 6thEdition, Oxford, 2015.ISBN:978-0-19-808913-1

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